Natural Soap Making 101 Workshop Beginner Level - Cold Process Method

An introduction to the different methods of making Natural soaps, which will help you to identify which of them you would like to pursue the most.

Cold Process method (the one you will be learning here) of making Natural Handcrafted Soap involves a few simple steps. We begin the 3 hour Workshop, by reviewing safety equipment, handling Sodium Hydroxide (Lye), the safe way, combining the various kinds of oils, and what each of them contribute to the soap. We discuss clays, their types and properties, essential oils, fragrance oils. As well as tips and craft secrets that can go a long way in creating a beautiful bar of soap!

Natural Soaps made from plant material, can be scented & unscented, textured or non textured, with our without additives. Many natural ingredients can be grown in your own backyard, bringing us closer to mother earth! You will understand the difference between a Mass produced commercial bar of soap vs a handcrafted bar, which is not only healthy for planet earth, but has huge benefits to our own body and soul.

Our goal is that when you leave you are confident to make, design & texture your own soaps. Our small class size is not only ideal for the current pandemic situation, but will help with a 101 hands on learning.

Together, we will cut into a previously made soap, which will equip you will some knowledge of some of the soap cutters used in the industry.

You will each leave with a recipe, and a pre-made soap that you can use right away.

Take away kits may be available for purchase on site.

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