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Ethnic Origins

Sandalwood & Turmeric

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Ingredients: Sandalwood Oil, and Ground Turmeric Powder, & the saponified combination of Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Organic and Sustainably Grown Palm Oil,  Castor Seed Oil, Fragrance, topped with conditioning Shea Butter, Skin-Safe Colorants, Kaolin Clay & Activated Charcoal, gently soothing your skin, leaving it ready to face your day !

No animal/animal by product used.

Fragrance: Amber & Sandalwood, with notes of Bergamot & Vanilla.

Weight: Approx 5oz/150 grams bar.

Cleanses the skin without stripping it of its natural Oils, while rehydrating your skin, and delicately scenting it at the same time.

 Shea Nut Butter used: Shea Butter is 100% natural & Organic, purchased from a local supplier, whose website indicates that  the shea nuts are hand gathered by groups of women in villages in Burkina Faso and are sold at a fair price to the butter producers. To produce a product to organic and export quality standards, the butter is transported by cart to the processing plant where it is purified, filtered and stored in hygienic metal drums. This premium Organic Shea Butter is of superior quality has an unusual nutty scent with a very light top note and wonderful yellow color of soft grainy texture. 

Sandalwood is an evergreen, parasitic tree that burrows its roots into other trees and it can grow up to 9 meters (30 feet) high and has a brown-gray trunk, many smooth slender branches, leathery leaves and small pink-purple flowers. It can take thirty to sixty years for a tree to reach full maturity. That is when it can be harvested and distilled. Sandalwood is a natural antiseptic and preservative 

Turmeric Root Powder: Botanic Name: Curcuma longa

This is a perennial herb with a large rhizome and large leaves with yellow flowers and is a close relative to the ginger plant.